Saturday, May 5, 2012

Wonder Curl eyelash curler review

So, I really wanted to do the review video for this product because I loved it.
But that's not all.
Because I thought it was dangerous.
I know it is not really making sense. But it is like a laser hair removal. You can expect a great result but there is a risk.

The bottom line; JUST BE CAREFUL.
Yes, it is that easy. It is the same with your normal eyelash curlers.

Do you remember the first time you encountered the idea of putting eyeliner on waterline? I thought it was cool but it was scary at the same time. It might cause some kind of problem in the distant future(mayyybe), some ophthalmologist are worried too, but people love the effect and people will keep doing it.
This eyelash curler is nothing compare to putting a lot of chemical stuff in your eyes, but it might come with a little bit of pain, so I decided that it is fair to put a warning too.

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Hi everyone! Welcome to my beauty blog!

I had been thinking of starting a separate blog about beauty related things but I also knew that it would be much harder to maintain all the blogs that I have. (I also have another Japanese beauty blog and a Japanese general blog, both separate)

So I will keep things simple.
This is mainly for the swatch pictures.
The reviews will be posted on my YouTube channel (ChewyMakeup) but swatches are harder on videos so I always wanted a blog where I can simply post some swatch photos.
I will also try to make some comments about the product when I am reviewing them but you don't want to read the same thing to what I say in the video so I won't just keep blabbering the same thing over and over again. So please keep this in mind that this blog is going to be more like to provide supportive information to my video channel.

Thanks again and see you soon!