Saturday, February 22, 2014

DAISO makeup review!

Hi lovelies!
So today's video is about DAISO products.

As I explain in the video below, DAISO is a Japanese version of a dollar store.
They are quickly expanding and they have stores in Australia too!
We have at least three stores in Sydney and several in Victoria. On their website, though, they say that they have stores only in Victoria, but I know it is not true!
Anyways, sometimes you can find a great product which is dirt cheap!

Products I review!
I think the quality of all the products has become so much better since DAISO got so popular in Japan. I know that some people still don't feel comfortable buying makeup so cheap because they are scared of really bad quality.
Some DAISO products can cause irritation to my skin sometimes, but I can say that about any other brands too, regardless of the brands, high end or drugstore.
I like NYC, Wet n' Wild and e.l.f. and they are made in China so we DO have some favorite makeup products made in the same country as DAISO.
And some of their products are made in Japan, rarely but they exists.

So here is my opinion on some of the products from DAISO. And so far, I haven't got any skin/eye problems.

So here are some photos of the swatches and close-up of the products.

Princess Liquid Eyeliner in Dark Brown.
Love it so much that print is coming off the bottle...
The tip.
Powder Foundation.
The sponge is quite nice in my opinion.
The color is Beige Ochre.
Close up of the pan.
As I mentioned in the video, I could see the shimmery/glittery things in the pan. Please see the picture below.
It worried me but when it is applied to the skin, it is visible only for like 10 minutes and somehow it goes away and seems like there is NO shimmer. Strange, but I like it that way.

Can you see the shimmer??
Chiffon Eyeshadow in Twilight
Right bottom color is a bit useless to me.
Swatches under natural light.
Swatches under the sun.
Sorry, dude. But I don't like you.

Too goopy texture!
I am not buying you again! EVER!

All products, except for mascara and pale orange eyeshadow, is used for this look!

And here are some photos of outer packaging. I took them in the store but maybe I was not supposed to. They are taken with my phone so they are not great in quality, sorry.

Powder foundations.
Chiffon Eyeshadow Quads. 
Blushes (not reviewed)
Lipsticks (not reviewed)
Please have in mind that each store might carry different things and not all the colors might be in stock.
This is at my local DAISO, I know that at least 4 shades for the foundation, 2 colors for the eyeliner and 3 shade quads for the eyeshadows exist.

I hope you enjoyed!
Have a nice weekend!!


Saturday, February 8, 2014


Hi guys, I hope you are well.

Sydney's weather is crazy when the season is changing. It can be chilly one day and the next day is bloody hot. No wonder people get sick between seasons.
So I hope all of you are taking good care of yourself and staying healthy!

Today's video is a transformation from the previous tutorial, Baby Face Look to a glam look.
If you already have the Baby Face look on your face, this is very easy to create!

Designer Brands 12 Mineral Eye Shadow Palettes in Brown (Color shown below)
Borjois Eyeshadow in #54
Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Soft Rose
Chi Chi Choose Chi Chi Stay On Eyeliner in U SEXY THING
Maybelline VOLUM’ EXPRESS the Colossal in Classic Black
Maybelline colortattoo in Bold Gold
Lovedrops Tearbaby Deep Eyeliner in Brown (not shown) 

Royal & Langnickel C405 Eye Shader SM (not shown)

Closer look of DB Palette

Looks like this is discontinued, it wasn't on the website.

The color I used was the second from the left.
Color swatch of the colors.

Under the sun, from L to R: DB, Bourjois & Colortattoo

Under a natural light.

The closer look of the brush.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!
Have a lovely weekend. :)


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Innocent Baby Face Look

Hi guys! Thanks for giving me an extra time to work on this tutorial.
Please see further below for the product list.

This look is one of my favorite, not only because it is simple, but a lot of guys love this!
Everyone knows that most guys love a natural look on girls.
I have read so many articles about this. Most men prefers the makeup that almost looks like bare face. It is a good thing, it means that men appreciates your natural features, if only we look like the model!! Just kidding, honestly though, it is cool that men like almost-bare face.

But if you like makeup or if you have some imperfections you need to hide (I am both!), going bare makes you uncomfortable. You still want to look nicer and better than the real bare face.

I think makeup is like outfits. You express yourself through it.
Don't you feel differently about yourself when you are wearing, let's say, a dress and a suit. It is almost like a switch, it flips your mood, attitude and posture. It is not like you have split personality, but a lot of women feel more confident and sexy when they wear high heels. That kind of a thing.
So unless I am a school girl wearing a uniform everyday, I refuse to do the same makeup and the same hair style everyday.
Makeup should be something you can switch up like a pair of shoes.
You don't have to stick to one style all the time, even when the guy you have a crush on doesn't approve of your makeup style.

Having said that, if the guy likes you if you go au naturale, I am not stopping you at all.
After all, you would do it for love!
So here it is, the innocent baby face look you can do to show that you CAN go natural!
....But you still look better. :D

Lavshuca Melty Trick Cheeks in 05 Red/Pink
CANMAKE Day&UV Lip Serum in Red
Dejavu Fiberwig Extra Long
Fasio perfect lash builder
Australis “Tint my Brow” Brow Tint in Blonde
MAC Face and Body Foundation in C1
Maybelline Age Rewind Primer Skin Transformer
Coastal Scents 78 Eyeshadow & Blush Combo Palette
Visee Eyebrow Pencil&Powder in BR31 Light Brown
LB Creamy Water Proof Gel Pencil in Beige Shine
Lovedrops Tearbaby Deep Eyeliner in Brown 

A sponge (not shown)
Hakuhodo G5503
bdellium tools 787
House of Rose Blush Brush
Crown Brush 1B104 Deluxe Soft Fan
Crown Brush c405 Contour Blush
ModelsPrefer MPP100 Airbrush
MAQuillAGE Eyelash curler
Sigma E56

For the colors of the CS palette, I have marked them in this way...
So I have grouped the color family as they are already divided in the palette, from A to F.
Then I have numbered them in an order shown in the picture above.
Blushes were separated completely from eye shadow numbering and they are from BL1 to BL6.

Alright, so which color is C-7??

This yellow circle is C-7.
 Then, which is F-11??

This is F-11.
I hope you got the rule by now.           

The color I use for the eyeshadows are the following.
B-2, B-3 and B-5.

Under natural light.

Under direct sun.

I hope you enjoyed this video and please let me know what you think!
Have a nice weekend!