Saturday, December 28, 2013

Foundation Tutorial for Full Coverage Foundation

Yay, there is another tutorial here! It's been a while since I did my last tutorial, so I am relieved to be back on track.

This video is about how to apply a full coverage liquid foundation for natural finish.
And by natural, I mean "you can't detect where it starts and where it begins and you can believe that it is your REAL skin".
Recently, natural started to mean minimum and bare. It is true in a sense, but in makeup world, natural look does not necessarily mean that you are not wearing makeup at all.

I believe that natural look is supposed to be somewhat made up but no dramatic colors or lines on the face. You might be able to see makeup on the person but it contributes her (or him) looking pretty, not MAKEUP looking pretty, I think.
I think it is kinda hard to explain. But I hope you get the idea.

A lot of full coverage foundations I tired have cakey, thick-looking finish. It is due to the thick consistency in the formula and I do not like it.
When I put it on, it looks fake and obvious that I am wearing a foundation. Plus, if they come off for all different reasons like rain, sweat and rubbing/scratching, it is so obvious to the world that my foundation came off patchy.

I realized the most effective way to apply foundation to make it look natural like you are not wearing anything, but still covering things and making your skin look more even is applying your foundation thinly in many layers, rather than applying one thick coat of it.

When you have a closer look at your face, most of the people, including myself, don't need full coverage EVERYWHERE. There are bits like cheek and around nose that needs more coverage and there are other bits like forehead and outer parts of thee face that doesn't need much coverage.
So why apply foundation like crazy everywhere and make it look like you have a full face mask?
Of course, to make it look even, you need to apply foundation everywhere, even your neck, but how much of it you need to apply really depends on the places of your face.

So how do you achieve such a thing without a fuss with only one full coverage foundation?
Well, that's what this video is about.

Like I said in the description of the video as well, I like using my (fake) beautyblender sponge.
But you can get the very similar effect with cheap disposable latex sponge too!
With this, you can either chuck the sponge after use to keep it easy or you can wash it and dry to use it a few times to save some money. Either way, I think it is a cool method.

Also even in summer, just a dust of face powder with this method would keep your foundation in place much longer too. What a bonus!

Hope you enjoy!


Saturday, December 21, 2013

Summer Skincare Favorites 2013

Yay! Finally things are up and running!
I had terrible luck with YouTube after I came back from Japan and my computer had to be restored. It took like more than 7000 minutes to upload a 5 min. video. I had to figure out why but it just took so long. Video editing and uploading DOES take a lot of time, in case you don't know, so I had a lot of misses and now I hit it right and it is all good, I think.

So here is the Skincare fav. and I still have to edit makeup video and film one of those What's my favorite of hair care. Phew, I seems like I never catch up to my list of videos I have to make.

I think the skincare is a very subjective field, to be honest.
You like something because, well, your skin behave better to it. And everyone's skin is so different.
It is not just about preference, it is about your skin's tolerance too.
Unfortunately, I have sensitive skin, especially for face, so I have narrower choice of skincare. But if you suffer from it like I do, you might see the light of hope with this video.

As I keep saying, all the reviews are 100% honest opinion of mine, but it doesn't mean that it is true and same for everyone and my opinion might change with time. But I can guarantee that it was very true and honest at the time of filming.

I am so happy that I can share my favorites and non-favorites with you and I will keep doing it. :)

Hope everyone is getting ready for this festive season!



Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hi there! I am back!

Aaand I honestly don't know where to start to explain.

Long story short, I was back in Japan again in October/November as my much-loved cat and grandfather had passed away.
Even though my parents suggested that I didn't have to fly back to Japan just to attend the wake and funeral, I really wanted to come back and say goodbye properly to my grandfather. Also as I didn't come back when my cat Moizy died, so it was a good timing for me to come back and help my family get through hard times.

I went back to Japan from March to June this year to take care of my cat as he was very sick and everyone, including his vet, thought he was dying. My parents called me and said that it might be the only chance to say goodbye to him so I took the next plane available back home.
Surprisingly he got so much better after I got there as if he was showing me how strong he can be and that is why I didn't know when to leave him and come back to Sydney. After three months, I decided that he should be fine without me because he got so much better and it was time for me to come home where my partner, now my fiance was waiting.

Then on 15th Oct., he went to a kitty heaven. I heard that it was a peaceful moment and he didn't suffer. As there was not much I could do, I decided to stay in Sydney.
My family told me that I had done enough already in March and Moizy should know it and he shouldn't mind that I wasn't coming home to say hi to his remains.
Then 2 weeks after that, my grandfather had passed away and I flew back this time. The reason was, it was very hard when Moizy passed away and I never got a chance to say goodbye properly as I was here all the time, so the grief lingered too. So this time I wanted to say it so that I can cope with it better.
The wake and funeral of my grandfather was very good and peaceful. We talked about him and we really celebrated his life with a bit of tears here and there. It was a good one, a little odd to say but it is true.
It is always hard to say goodbye to people, alive or dead. You should't be sad for too long but you should never forget, I think this is what is the best. It can only imagine how hard it is to lose someone and there are reminders of your life with that person everywhere and everyday. I will know it when I lose someone very close to me. So far my fiance and my parents are alive so I will not know in a near future, hopefully.
Although some moments were very sad, I am not too depressed. Of course, I miss my kitty and grandpa, but it is not like I am super depressed and I wouldn't go out or anything. I am okay. :)

After that, I came back to Sydney, I started a new business of my own, computer crash (second time this year, ugh!) and YouTube errors... So many things were driving me crazy.
So today I finally have some time to sit down at the completely restored computer and write all about it. Phew! Most of the things here are a bit sad and deep...
I apologize for not being so active on youtube and here this year.
As you can tell, I was going back and forth between Sydney and Tokyo pretty much all the time and it was very a challenging year for me in many ways.
I am keeping it positive though. You can go on a boring flat road and see only the same horizon everyday or you can go on a steep rocky road to find a better view. Harder it is, more rewarding. I think it is true somewhat.

So many things had happened after the last post, so I honestly don't know where to begin telling you about but I will make post about them one by one.
And there is a new makeup video coming up. YAAAAYYY! and FINALLY!!! Sorry that I had you all waiting. But here I go again!

So it was a little update and I hope you have better idea what was going on in my life and why I was so quiet. :P
Now I am going to roam around and make videos and have my business up and running! Gosh, too many things but it must be fun!

Hope you have a good day today.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

IMATS Haul Time!!

It is haul time! Yay!

Products mentioned are in the description box of the video on YouTube.

Here are some photos from IMATS 2013.
With Monica, Ashleigh and Caroline

Watching Rae Morris show
And Rae herself! She knows how to do selfies.

Half naked man at IMATS is a bonus! 
Tash, Ally, me and Krystal

With Mr. Takamoto from Hakuhodo.

Finished look of the half naked guy. Blisters felt gooey.

Friend selfie.

With Chole and Lauren
Chloe :

They were so nice they ducked for me!

With Jess and Jody

With Rachel and Brittney

And there were so many other YouTubers that I met but I forgot to take photos with(damn!).
I had a good time and I hope to see you next year as well! <3

I hope you enjoyed!


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Miranda Kerr Makeup

I spent a lot of time researching, filming and editing this video, but I don't know why it took so long. It doesn't seem like a super hard thing to do, but oh well. I guess I lost the touch... maybe??

Anyway, here is the video and I hope you enjoy.

Products I used in this tutorial:

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Primer
Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 hour foundation in 102 warm ivory
LB Dual Concealer in Light Ocre
ELF Concealer Pencil and Brush 
NYC Bronzer Smooth Skin Bronzing Powder in Sunny
NYX Blush in Taupe
Majolica Majorca Brow Customize-Powder in BR771
Majolica Majorca Brow Customize-Super Slim in BR771
NYX HD Eyeshadow Primer (not pictured)
Coastal Scents 88 Ultra Shimmer Palette #73
Sportsgirl eyeshadow in Wild Whisperer
ELF Mineral Eyeshadow in Wild
Illamasqua Medium Pencilin Vow
"Berusaiyuno Bara"(The Rose of Versailles) Lady Oscar Liquid Eyeliner in Black 
DUO Lash Glue
"Yawaraka Hanematsuge" 02 False Eyelash from Japan
NYX Matte Lipstick in Indie Flick

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Peach and Pistachio Tart Eye Makeup Tutorial *Edited and now it has the product list!*

It's been ages since I posted my last tutorial video. And I apologize!!
I had been away for so long from Sydney since March and I have been going back and forth between Tokyo and Sydney for my personal (but mostly not too fun) errands.
Now I am back in Sydney and I am settling back to my normal life so here is another tutorial, why not?

The product list is below.

Coastal Scents 88 Original Palette (Color 67&80)
Borjois Eyeshadow in 90
LeClerc BRAMI face powder in Cuivre
MAQuillAGE True Rouge in BE213
NYC Bronzer Smooth Skin Bronzing Powder in Sunny
Freshel Mineral BB Cream (UV) in Natural Beige
Majolica Majorca Brow Customize-Powder in BR771

Majolica Majorca Brow Customize-Super Slim in BR771

Friday, June 28, 2013

It's been ages since I last posted a blog post OR a video on YT, but I am back!

Alright, so as the title says, it's been ages.
And if you have been checking back my blog every once in a while, I am truly sorry.
There has been some big concerns that I had to face and I am explaining briefly about it in my YouTube video which will be available tomorrow.

So let's talk about what this video is about, because no one really likes to hear the chit-chat from a person who makes beauty videos. I mean this is not my life blog/vlog. It is dedicated to makeup, not my life.

This upcoming video is What Is In My Makeup Bag video, but it is very specific. It is for carry-ons for the international flight.
Unfortunately, ever since we had 9/11, airline company and airports have been very picky and strict about the security. I know it is for our safety and I want to be a good citizen so I follow it all but I have to admit that this is annoying because I WANT TO TAKE ALL MY MAKEUP WITH ME.
But the rule is a rule so I made the video, hoping that it can be helpful and fun to watch what I pack for myself.

The video is available from tomorrow.
I will post the video here as well, once it is open to public.

Have a good weekend!


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Choc-Mint Parfait Eyes Tutorial

Another tutorial for sweets themed eye makeup.
This time, as the title says, it is Choc-Mint!

As a child, my favorite flavor of ice cream was always choc-mint. Japanese choc-mint ice creams are bluer than the ones I have in Australia for some reason. It was almost baby blue!
And the pairing of the minty blue and yummy chocolate was so delightful to the eyes, as well as the actual taste, and I just loved having choc-mint ice cream.

After 10 years, my father introduced me to this ice cream flavor of grownups.
Be prepared to meet your nemesis, choc-mint, it is rum raisins!

Anyway, that is how the ice cream war ended...Well, not really but this has nothing to do with the makeup so I'll tell you some other time.

The products I used are:

1. Coastal Scents 88 Ultra Shimmer palette (color #26, #33, #76)
For color numbering, please see this post.(A new window will open.)
2 .NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in French Fries
3. Majolica Majorca Cream Pencil Liner in Brown
4. Revlon Lip Butter in Creamsicle
5. NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Orange
6. Revlon Photoready 3D Volume Mascara in Blackest Black

From Right: NYX Jumbo Pencil, Coastal Scents #33, #26, #76

I hope you enjoyed!

Have a good day!

Thursday, February 21, 2013


This is the time of the month, yup, the Favorite time!

I combined beauty favorites, hates and empties because no one likes all separate videos.
Although I am thinking now that maybe I should have done empties separately because it just made the video ridiculously long. But oh well. It is not that bad.

I would say the absolute favorite is the concealer!
I was holding on to okay-ish concealers from drugstores because I didn't want to spend $$$ for concealers and I thought the ones I have are okay. I always convinced myself like "Someday, when I find a good drugstore concealers, I will toss these babies away. But until then, they have to do their jobs."
And the time has come. So I threw away a lot of concealers.

Sometimes, when you cannot fine "the one", just like guys you date, you settle for compromise, which you should not really do.

The same things happened here. Even though I didn't like my old concealers, I just didn't know better or I just thought that they exist beyond my reach, so I hang onto them. Because they are not that horrible, but not the best.

Now I have no regrets tossing my old concealers that I rarely used.
I have this awesome concealer, I don't need you any more. :P

Have a good karma!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Choc Strawberry Eyes

Happy New Year to you! I truly hope wish you the wonderful year of 2013!

So I had been away from YouTube, this blog or pretty much internet for a while because

1. I was away on holiday.
2. I had big exams for my career.

I spent some time sitting at home all day and do nothing but eat, go to bathroom, study and sleep. It was kinda fun, even though I felt like it was a torture while I was doing it. It reminded me of when I was in my junior high school and studying like crazy.

Anyway, fingers crossed for my exams, I hope I don't jinx it, and let's talk about makeup!

The first tutorial of the year would be one of the sequel sweets themed tutorials.
It is Choc Strawberry (as the title says) this time!

Happy Valentine's Day! <3