Thursday, August 20, 2015

Loreal Paris sent me something! (Unboxing Video)


This week, I am soooooo excited to share this unboxing with you!!!

I got this amazing gift pack from Loreal Paris the other day for entering and making it to Australia's Top 50 in The Brush Contest.

I am super thankful to Loreal Paris, who has been very generous with the pack.

Wanna find out what they sent?? Let's find out together!


Photos of all the products which came in the The Brush Top 50 Contestant Pack.

Colour Riche Lip Liner Couture

L to R: Beige a nu, Bois de Rose, Berry Blush, Pink Fever,
Perfect Red, Scarlet Rouge, Velvet Robe and Intense Plum.

How pretty to see all the colors!

Color Riche Lipstick casing close up.

L to R: Androgyne, Cristal Cappuccino and Orange Fever.

These are all from different collections, I think.
The pale pink is  30 Year Collection, 362 is somehow not currently on official website but apparently sold at Target online, then bright orange is the permanent line.

Exclusive Collection Pure Reds

Beautiful packaging! This is Pure Reds Collection.
I tried looking up about this collection but I found NO information on Australian Loreal website.
How odd??

L to R: Laetitia, Doutzen, Blake, Eva, JLo and Frieda.
So I did a bit of research on my own and found out Laetitia is Laetitia Casta, a French model/actress, and Frieda was Frieda Pinto(I thought it was someone
And I already knew Blake is Blake Lively, Doutzen is Doutzen Kroe, Eva is Eva Longoria, JLo is... well...Jennifer Lopez.

Brow Artist Genius Kit

Left: Light to Medium
Right: Medium to Dark

Le Blush!

L;163 Nectarine. R;145 Rosewood

Comes with a little blush brush and a mirror.

Swatch of the blush.
I can see that Nectarine is a matte blush and Rosewood has a little shimmer that makes a satin finish. It is nothing crazy, I just notice that because the other one is matte and it is right next to it. If I see this color by itself, I would not describe it shimmery.

Nude magique BB powder

Comes with a sponge and a mirror.

L; Light. R; Medium

True Match le crayon correctier

L; Natural 40. R; Vanilla 20

20 seems like a good match but 40 is a little to dark.

True Match Foundations, Lumi Magique Primer and Base Magique
The bottle design and color names/codes are different to what we have in Australia.
I normally use Golden Ivory (W1).

I understand that C stands for Cool Toned and N is for Neutral and W is Warm. But what is R?!
I am so confused. Maybe it is the French color code...

Lumi Magique Base and Base Magique

L to R: False Lash Wings INTENZA,
Volume Million Lashes So Couture,
Volume Million Lashes Excess and
Mega Volume Miss Manga.

Million Lashes tubes has images of the brushes!
I thought that it is very interesting that they have pictures of brushes on the tube, although they look nothing like the real brush. (haha) But I like the idea of it.

Volume Million Lashes So Couture

Volume Million Lashes Excess

False Lash Wings INTENZA
This INTENZA mascara claims "Butterfly Effect" and "Fiber" on the tube.
I can see that the brush shape is quite unique. Probably this is what they call "Butterfly Effect".
Although I don't quite understand what is Butterfly about this brush, to be honest.
It looks like that lashes are getting butterfly effect in the picture below.

Picture from
I would understand better if you just call it Fanned Out Lashes or something. I mean butterfly doesn't seem that attractive..Maybe that's because I am scared of butterlies but still...
I haven't applied it to my lashes yet so I don't know how it works but I will keep you posted about this.
As for the "Fiber" claim, I didn't see any fibers when I pulled out the brush for the first time.

The other side of INTENZA brush.

Mega Volume Miss Manga
I know this mascara. I have used the colored version of this in purple. It was not really my favorite mascara for 3 reasons.

1. Brush is not practical. It is the "joint" wand and it bends there so it feels flexible. To be honest, I do not see any advantage of mascara wand being flexible. It is just hard to work with because you have less control. Also the brush shape is like a cone, and with a sparse bristles, which transfers too much product onto lashes.
2. The color doesn't show. I bought a color mascara for a reason. I want to see the color on my eyelashes. Why else would I buy a purple mascara? It is hardly noticable. Only one person said "I like your purple lashes" the whole time I wore it. Even my husband said "Oh, is it purple? I wouldn't know if you didn't tell me."
3. Clumpy. I think this is what they call "Miss Manga" effect. Very clumpy lashes = manga-eyes effect. It really gives your lashes dolly-look by clumping the lashes together. I get the idea of it, but I am simply not really a fan.

Super Liner Perfect Slim and Super Liner blackbuster.

Texter? Sharpie? No it is an eyeliner.

Super Liner Super Slim

I hope it was fun for you to watch and discover the contents with me.

Have a lovely weekend! :)



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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Beauty Empties June and July

Hey everyone!

It is time for Empties!
Please check out Hits and Misses of June and July as well!

So here is the video! Enjoy!

Products mentioned:
Pantene Ultimate 10 Shampoo
Coles Non Acetone Nail Polish Remover
Softymo White Cold Cream (Kose Cosmeport)
LUSH Vanilla Dee-Lite Body Lotion
Bath and Body Works Black Raspberry Vanilla Body Lotion
Mary Kay TimeWise Day Solution SPF 30

Samples I tried:
VICHY LIFTACTIV CxP Anti-Ageing and Firming Care
Revitalift Laser X3 Anti-Ageing Power Moisturiser
SkinPerfection Correcting Day Moisturiser
Forever Flawless All Purpose Moisturiser
Philosophy Hope In A Jar Night Cream/Moisturiser
HARNN Oriental Herbs Hand Cream (Lemongrass)

Empties of June and July

L to R: Cold Cream, Shampoo and Nail Polish Remover

L to R: LUSH, Bath and Body and Mary Kay
Samples I tried! Little sachets are cute!
VICHY Anti-Ageing Cream

Ingredients of VICHY cream

Revitalist Moisturiser

Ingredients of Revitalist Moisturiser
As I mentioned in the video, the dimethicone comes 5th in the ingredients list.
Not bad, eh?

SkinPerfection Moisturiser

Ingredients of SkinPerfection Moisturiser
Dimethicone comes second in the ingredients list! NOOOO!!!
I bought the full size product before I checked the ingredients...
No regrets though(yet) because I quite liked the feel of this moisturiser.

Forever Flawless Moisturiser

Ingredients of FF Moisturiser
This contains mineral oil. So just be aware if you seem to react to it.
This also has dimethicone but it is probably not much as it is not the top ingredients. 

Philosophy Hope In A Jar Night Moisturiser

Ingredients of Hope in a jar
I am not going to argue about dimethicone or any other ingredients here because I cannot get stand the smell. I hate to say it, but it REALLY smells like someone puked on your face. Really.
I simply cannot get over the smell so there is not use to mention the ingredients.
How can I use the moisturizer that smells so horrible on my face?!

Hand cream from Harnn from Thailand.

Ingredients of hand cream

I hope you enjoyed!
Have a wonderful day!



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