Friday, June 28, 2013

It's been ages since I last posted a blog post OR a video on YT, but I am back!

Alright, so as the title says, it's been ages.
And if you have been checking back my blog every once in a while, I am truly sorry.
There has been some big concerns that I had to face and I am explaining briefly about it in my YouTube video which will be available tomorrow.

So let's talk about what this video is about, because no one really likes to hear the chit-chat from a person who makes beauty videos. I mean this is not my life blog/vlog. It is dedicated to makeup, not my life.

This upcoming video is What Is In My Makeup Bag video, but it is very specific. It is for carry-ons for the international flight.
Unfortunately, ever since we had 9/11, airline company and airports have been very picky and strict about the security. I know it is for our safety and I want to be a good citizen so I follow it all but I have to admit that this is annoying because I WANT TO TAKE ALL MY MAKEUP WITH ME.
But the rule is a rule so I made the video, hoping that it can be helpful and fun to watch what I pack for myself.

The video is available from tomorrow.
I will post the video here as well, once it is open to public.

Have a good weekend!