Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas holly leaves are on your eyelids!

Hi! I hope you are having great holidays!

Today I am doing this cutesy Christmas holly look! I hope you enjoy. :)

This is a wearable yet festive enough for Christmas and I will be wearing this on Christmas day!

Happy Christmas!!


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Coastal Scents Palette Color Number

I know a lot of people own Coastal Scents eyeshadow palette.
I have 88 Original and ULTRA SHIMMER Palette and 78 eyeshadow&blush combo palette.

These palettes have so many eyedshadows and some of them are amazingly beautiful and very pigmented.
However each color does not come with color names or numbers so it is very hard to identify the color.
I see a lot of people use CS palette in their tutorials on YouTube and they just say "I'm going to use this pretty blue color on my crease.." Well, "Pretty" is very subjective and there are so many blue colors in the palette!
Then I had to pause the video and count the rows to identify the color.

This might be useless to people who doesn't have the same palette, but if you do have the palette and want to use exactly the same color, it is nice to have the ways to figure out the color without pausing video every single time they mention and hold up the palette awkwardly in front of the camera.

So I just numbered.

That simple. I did almost nothing.

But if you watch my videos, this is how I refer to the color from CS palettes from now on, so please use this as reference.

CS 88 Original Palette


Yup, that is it. I know it is nothing to really blog about this: I just number them.

This is NOT a universal thing. This is just how I do it.

So, here is my recent makeup tutorial video using this numbering system.

Hope you enjoy! Have a happy holiday!


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

007 Bond Girl Makeup Tutorial

When I watched 007 Skyfall the other day, I knew I was doing this tutorial.
Darn, she looks so GOOD! I loved her makeup, dress and everything.
She is super mysterious and sexy. Well, just like all the other Bond Girls. Ha!
I was happy to see more of Oriental looking female in this movie.
She is from France but one of her ethnicity is Chinese, I read somewhere.
Anyway, I think she is super sexy, especially with dark eyes and lips. She rocks the smokey eyes!

The Products I used in this video:

Banila Co Prime Primer
Rimmel BB Cream in Medium
essence coverstick in MATT SAND
Ben Nye Eyeshadow in SHELL
NYC Bronzer Smooth Skin Bronzing Powder in Sunny
NYX Blush in Cinammon
NYX HD Eyeshadow Primer
Petit Lasara Eyebrow Palette (gray and brown)
Coastal Scents 88 Original palette (matte black)
Revlon colorstay eyeliner in black
NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil in Hazelnut
Loreal HIP Lipstick in Daring

Optional item:
Maybelline colortattoo in Bold Gold

This is a new type of video, doing both language in one video.
I didn't want to make two separate videos because it is just the same thing, explained in two different languages. I feel that this is better than making subtitles. Because you don't have to be reading anything. I know subtitles help some people, but this is easier to watch because you don't have to follow and read carefully.
Please let me know what you think. Have a good day!


Saturday, December 8, 2012

HOGLY MOGLY essence stick concealer!

Ok, if you watch my videos on YouTube, you might have seen essence concealers in my video.
I said that they SUCKED, big time. Because they turn orange and it is not true to the colors at all. I honestly did not understand why there are so many products out there (especially recently) and they turn darker/orangey after the application.

This new guy does not do that!
Not only that, it is very smooth and covers well, I mean, REALLY REALLY WELL.

I had a red scrach-looking-but-not-scratch thing on my cheek the other day and I put on some concealer and powder and went out.
I knew that my concealer did not cover well, but by the mid day, it was very visible.
I was in Target so I went to the makeup section and was browsing.

Then I saw the essence corner.......

"Damn, essence! Your concealers suck! ..... But hey, this concealer I haven't tried..."
And I picked up this lipstick-looking concealer.

Why did I try essence concealer again?
It is easy, you can't beat the price!

I put the tester on my red bits and it just disappeared. Like it did not exist at all.


Then I applied it to my under eye area. WOW!

I went home with this guy and I have been trying out for 2 days.
So far, so good. It is very smooth, nice coverage, not dry, no crease.

I will give it another week, but I see this product creeping into my monthly favorite video... :)

Have a great weekend!


Saturday, December 1, 2012

November Favorite Videos!

It is the time of the month again, and by that, I do not mean girl's week.

Products mentioned in this video are in the description of the video on YouTube. :)

Soon it will be Christmas! Oh my!

Have great holidays and keep warm! (or cool in southern hemisphere!)

Yui ;)