About Me

Hi, my name is Yui Kondo.

Firstly, welcome to my blog! I am so happy you found me here!

I make YouTube videos about makeup, and I simply enjoy doing it! :)
I do reviews, tutorials and makeup 101 kind of videos.
Because I am not a professional makeup artist, you might think I am wrong here and there, but I am always giving my 100% honest opinions and tips. If I share the tip, it definitely works for me. If I share the review, I truly mean what I am saying.

As for tutorials,  I mainly make videos of makeup on heavy eyelids or so-called typical Asian monolids. It is not so common that I see my eyeshape featured on YouTube or anywhere in general so I hope I can share some tips of makeup on these eyelids specifically.

As far as beauty goes, I currently work for Mary Kay cosmetics.
I am a Beauty Consultant, which means I do skincare consultations and makeup consultations.
You can book a complimentary consultation with me and I will help you find the right product for you and show you how to use them properly.
Also you can invite your friends over and have a girls' night IN and let me help you to chill, relax and truly enjoy the pamper party!
If you want to do these things, or want to order some Mary Kay products(e-catalogues are on my FB too), simply go to my Mary Kay facebook page & message me. :) I am looking forward to hearing from you.
My facebook page is here.

I also work as an affiliate for Sigma Beauty. You can read more in "My Favorite Brushes".

However, regardless of who I work for/with, I always give an honest opinion about products.

My day job is to make food(mostly candy) themed accessories.
You can check them out by clicking on "The Dramatik Tiny" tab or here.

Some FAQ...(It is updated randomly.)

~What is Chewy?~
There is one family that I truly love like a real family in Oregon, USA. One of the children said that my name rhymes with Chewy Corndog. So he teased me calling me "Chewy Yui, kinda gooey." I instantly loved that so I named the YouTube channel after that.

~Where are you from?~
I am from Tokyo, Japan. And I am a genuine pure Japanese (as far as I know)! I moved to Sydney in December 2010 to live with my fiance, who is an Aussie. Until then I spend all my life in Tokyo. My hometown is not the central Tokyo, which a lot of people imagine with lots of people and lots of shops.
I left my family and friends in Japan so I miss them a lot sometimes, but I miss my cat the most.

~How old are you?~
I was born in 1987. So I am 27 in 2014.

~Did you learn all makeup stuff at school?~
No, I was never trained as a makeup artist.
Although, I have a little experience of performing on stages, so that helped me understand what makeup can do to people's faces.

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