Sunday, July 29, 2012

Upcoming 100 Subscriber GIVEAWAY

WOOHOO! I hit 100 subscribers today and I am so grateful to all of you who are supporting me. Thank you very very much.

So, as a way of saying thank you in a nonverbal way, I am planning a giveaway.
At first I did not like the idea of the "subscribe and comment to win", but I know that there are people there who needs a little push to press "subscribe" button and I hope that they are determined to do that now.
However the most important thing is that I am so thankful to the people who already subscribed. Without you guys, I would not have made this far. I mean, it is nothing compare to Michelle Phan but this means a lot to me and I just want you to know how individual subscribers mean to me. I thank you for your support and nice messages you had sent to me.

Now, I will mention how to enter and what you are going to win in the upcoming video, so please keep an eye on my channel. :)


Thursday, July 26, 2012


Please follow me on instagram for quick and haul, makeup of the day, outfit of the day and random stuff!

Instagram is Yuiph. :)

I have been getting requests on more frequent hauls, reviews and OOTDs and stuff like that on instagram so here I go!

I'll post random beauty stuff, fashion stuff and everyday discoveries that I want to share.

See you there too! :)


Saturday, July 21, 2012


I got up 8:45 this morning even though I was supposed to get up much earlier to get ready and see the new LUSH range, and VERY quickly slapped on tinted moisturizer and mascara and got out of the house to go to my local (now I finally have my LOCAL, booyah) LUSH.

This is released on the same day all over the world but Australia is the first country to open to public(as I said in the last post) so I am sooo excited!!

When I came down to LUSH store, I saw Sarah putting on a beautiful beautiful blue eyeshadow. And right in front of her, there was this funny looking thingie.

What is this?!
Look at me listening with some serious attitude
as she explains!

So this is a whole new Makeup range from LUSH and you spin the color wheel to figure out TRUE YOURSELF at that time by picking up colors on the wheel.

How I did was:

1. Close your eyes, imagine yourself in a light room with nothing in it, but yourself and the person who is taking you through this< of course.

2. Take your time to be able to completely imagine that.

3. Open your eyes and look at the color wheel. Pick first 3 colors that your eyes. NO THINKING! It has to be spontaneous. 

4. And that is the colors that represents you now.

All the orders and colors have meaning based on the real color therapy.

First color you pick is your strength.

Second one is your subconscious need.
Third color is your talent, something that you need to achieve your first two things.

Me trying the color wheel.
 I was excited but scared a bit too.

I picked some beautiful beautiful colors (but they were all really pretty colors!) here.

My colors were:

First - Vibrant. I think it is true. I think the best feature in me is that I am upbeat and friendly. 

Second - Control. OMG this is soooo true. I need to take control, I do... My boyfriend was taking photos of me trying the wheel and when we found about this, he just laughed.

Third - Passion. Looks like with my passion, I will be able to achieve to be more vibrant and have more control in my life.

Holding up my subconscious need: CONTROL.

The colors of the day.

So I tried the colors I picked!!
Looking a bit nervous to try.

Trying part it always fun!
You have to try on your face, not only on your hands.

The swatches of the colors I picked.
From left to right, Control, Passion and Vibrant.

Tip of Eyeliner, Control. 
Sadly tip of Passion was missing.
Doe-foot applicator
for liquid face colors.

Passion Liquid Lip Stick on the actual lips!   

The application was a bit awkward at the store because we had to use Q-tips instead of the applicator provided, but I managed.

The texture of lip color and eyeshadow was creamy, I was surprised to find out how creamy and smooth the lip color was.
Eyeliner was a bit funny: I could see the liquid and gooey part was separate in the bottle, especially this eyeliner color I picked, although the color was soooo pretty! This was definitely my color.

Applying eyeliner without the brush but with Q-tip and my finger was the hardest thing I have ever done!!

In a different light, Vibrant on my eye.

I think it is kinda hard to see because it was very sheer and Q-tip application was, again, not ideal to really see the color. But it felt soft and buildable.

Please excuse my awkward eyeliner.
I had only 5 minutes
 for makeup this morning.

Passion, closer look.

The most fun part of this Emotional Brilliance is that it is very spontaneous and you don't get to pick on your own. Your inner self would pick it for you depending on how you are feeling.
Also you get to try the colors that you thought you would never try.
For me, it would be the lip color. I would not go for fuchsia color, ever, because I never thought I would look good with it.
But now I have tried and I am like "Heyy, this is not bad!! *grins*"

I am pretty sure that this can be really fun to you, if you like colors, like me. :)
Also even if you do not buy stuff at LUSH, getting an easy, quick color therapy is so fun.

Recently I have been writing about LUSH so much because they bring out so much fun stuff and people there are so adorable, but trust me, I am not paid, sponsored or getting products for free or anything for this!!! This is just my honest thoughts on LUSH.

So, today, I got the eyeliner, which was $24.95. Pretty pricy for eyeliner, huh? I blew all my spending money of the week on this, but the color was lovely and unlike normal LUSH products, it should last 18 months so I thought, WHY NOT??? It is about the same kind of price range with other normal drugstore cosmetic brands' eyeliner, like Loreal and Revlon, so it is not toooo bad, but I  personally would love it if it was 5-6 dollars cheaper. I mean I know it is LUSH, everything is more expensive there. I think some of the products are totally worth it, but I cannot have ALL the things from LUSH (although I would really like to have all the stuff) because I would have to rob the bank to do that.

So I will see how my CONTROL eyeliner works and update it here with photos and more of the detailed review. So keep coming back for that!

Take care! Have a good Saturday afternoon!


Friday, July 20, 2012

Can't wait for the secret reveal!!

Tomorrow is the big day for LUSH because they are launching EMOTIONAL BRILLIANCE!!
I heard about this from Amber and Sarah when I visited them in store the other day. (there is a post about that from a few days ago if you want to read about it.)

What is EMOTIONAL BRILLIANCE?? What is so secret about it??

Apparently it is a whole new range of products from LUSH that is so different from the products they had.

I just got this invitation card for Saturday and I had to ask what it was about but they wouldn't tell! Of course, it is a secret.

It seems like it has a concept of tailor-made just for you. And there would be 30 new products!


So when I came home I did a bit of research online and found out some amazing photos and reviews about it.
But I am not telling here! Because it will be revealed I public tomorrow anyway!!!

It will be released on 21st July all over the world. That means Australia and New Zealand Gets the product first!! How cool is that?! Now finally everyone is jealous of us, down under.

So I am going to go to my local LISH tomorrow I see the release of the new line on a special display and to experience all the fun!

Stay informed here to find out more about it!!

Good night! Have a lovely weekend!


Thursday, July 19, 2012

June favorite time!!

FINALLY the video is uploaded and available on YouTube. Phew!
It went after 5 attemps of uploading and, boy, it was a loooong day. (Actually it took 2 days.)

I apologize for the late June video. I really feel bad about this so I am so glad that it is finally there.
When I make the favorite videos, they tend to be long because I kidna review them at the same time, but not too much in details.
If the products deserve a full attention, like it is an amazing or very poor products, I would make a video dedicated more to the products.

Now, it is July and I am excited about so many things!
A lot of new products are coming out in July. And there are some stuff I have been trying out and I think there will be a BIG July fav. video!

Oh, oh, I got a package from Sigma today.
Sigma sent out my order and it got to my home (apparently) a while ago but it was sent back to my local post office and someone left the note (again apparently). But I seriously got nothing and have been emailing Sigma asking what is taking so long.
Well, turned out to be that they had it since 20th June. So more than 6 weeks, it had been sitting for 5 weeks waiting for me to pick up while I had no idea where it was .

So! Sorry, Sigma! It was not your fault all along!
And I got my package and photos and reviews are going to be posted separately on this blog as I try them out.

Hope you enjoy the video. Good night!



Lushy girls

Hi, long time no post! I knowwww. I have been making my June fav. video and a video about soap but my hard drive failed and I lost my data! I am so sad. :( you cannot trust your machines.

But there was something to smile about!! Today I met two awesome girls at LUSH!!

A new kiosk opened at my local shopping center and I am so happy! Now the shopping center smells good when I come in. :)

I have been loving my toothy tabs from LUSH because they are delicious!
Well, they are not yummy to be honest with you. They taste kinda funny on the tongue but if leaves my mouth and tongue so fresh and so sweet! I know it is not really making sense but it uses essential oils and you know these oils aren't going to taste good, right? But they smell so GOOD! So it makes a funny sensation while/after using them. It feels a bit uncomfortable to chew and break the tablets that taste weird but after the torture of the essential oils, my mouth is lovely and it smells like a rosy Turkish delight! And I think I do not have the gross morning breath either. I have used it a few times only but I never noticed the usual yucky feeling in the morning. (I am pretty sure you all know what it is like. )
This innovative, interesting product cost only $4. Yay, inexpensive LUSH!

They have DIRTY, which is a typical minty scent, Breath of God,which is sandal wood and vanilla, Ultrablast, which contains wasabi, even though you won't taste it, CHOO CHOO I love you, which is rosy one that I have.
They had some other flavors but I forgot. :P

Also I looooove Ro's argan body conditioner! It also smells kinda rosy and yummy. This is not a super sweet smell but kinda sweet like your mom is in your memory. When you were a kid, didn't you wonder why your mom smelled so sweet? I did.
So it smells gentle and sweet with a bit of rose in it.
How to use it is also interesting because you are supposed to put this on and leave it for a while and wash off, just like your hair conditioner. You can leave it on if you want to. I tried to leave it on today and I think the scent lingers a lit longer.

What I like about this is simply the smell and how gentle it is!!! This conditioner is a bit oily when you put it on your hands but the moisturizing effect does not last super long either. It is probably because I am used to what the hand creams and body moisturizers which contains silicone feel like.
Silicone are great sealant, so it does not let the moisture go, and safe to use on human skin, but LUSH is trying to make it all natural if possible, so they use the minimum amount of synthetic stuff. So when I look at the ingredients, this skin conditioner does not have silicone. I don't think it is super necessary but it is nice to have silicone free moisturizer, of course.

My favorite at the moment, even though I do not own it... I just go into LUSH store and get this all over my hands!!
Texture is very rich and it is very very VERY moisturizing. It leaves some kind of residue, but it is not too slimy.
It is a very pale pinkish nude colored cream. Kinda feels like jelly feeling. It is not runny.
I wish this came in a smaller half-sized jar or something because it is a bit pricey and all the LUSH stuff is fresh so I am not sure if I can use the whole jar within USE-BY date.

Pretty girls at LUSH!
Sarah, me and Amber.
Thanks to their friend for taking our photo. :)

We, girls know that black makes women look sexy. :P

Have a good night!