Thursday, April 28, 2016

What's in my Carry-On Bag?

Hi!! I am not really dead but very much alive (offline)!!

It's been a while since I came back from the U.S.
It was such a long and short (really, it was both) holiday for me and my husband. We had such a blast and it truly was a huge adventure for us!

Now, from my experience of flying, I have collected some tips for traveling and formed my own personal "must-haves" in carry-on bag. Some parts changes overtime but efficiency and space is a big key when I think of packing for travel.

I am happy to share what's in my carry-on bag with you today, so I hope you enjoy.

What's in my bag?

~In equip shoulder/cross body bag~
International Driving Lisence

~In Emergency Kit (Loberto bag)~
Portable phone charger
Extra cell phone (Old Nokia)
Extra set of clothes

~In Gaspatcho reusable shopper bag~
Thin scarf
Kanjani8 beach towel
Inflatable pillow
DAISO neck pillow (kids' size)
Eyemask (from Aeroflot)
Collapsible water bottle
Butterfly Twist (Elizabeth)

~In Cookiemonster bag~
Chewing gums
Berocca (Mango & Orange)
Baked Oaty Slices (Manuka Honey and Sultana)
Antibacterial Wipes
Tea bag (English Tea Shop "White Tea Blueberry & Elderflower)
Lightning cable
Shoe Bag (Shoes of Prey)
Fuzzy socks
Compression socks (Slim Walk night)

~In gold makeup bag~
Systain eye drops
FUSS Dry Nose Oil
Freshel Moisture Lotion (M) (Toner)
Country Stream Natural Honey Lip
Pro Enamel toothpaste
Esprique multicovering makeup base
Rosehip oil
Maybelline Colossal Cat Eye Waterproof mascara
Holika Holika Honey Sleeping Pack (Canola)
Panadole + Codeine
Biore Powder Sheet (UV)
Athsma puffer
Ear plugs
Panasonic Twinbird Electric toothbrush
Hair ties
Cotton pads
Cotton buds
Herbal sleeping pills (Valerian)
Esprique Powder Foundation (Beautiful Skin Beige Ocre 300)
Majolica Majorca Custom Eyebrow Slim
Maybelline HyperSharp Wing eyeliner
Cotton squares + Bioderma Crealine
Surgical mask
Extra Ziploc bags

I hope you all have a great weekend!


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