Monday, August 27, 2012

Sigma's Dry 'n Shape

I have been using Sigma's Dry 'n Shape now for some time and I think I can give you some opinion about it.

Sigma's Dry 'n Shape

1st, I think it is false advertising that it dries any dense brushes in 4-6 hours.
My brushes are in the Dry 'n Shape, for more than 6 hours now to dry. It is not even close to dry at all. Am I going to get a refund or something because it is "guaranteed" to dry all brushes in 4-6 hours.

2nd, the elastic which holds brushes and is supposed to do the magical job of drying super fast (even though I said that it does not, but this is what they claim to do) came a bit loose after first time of use. It was not completely loose, but some parts of the big elastic became stretched out and it never came in back to shape. I think it does not interfere the function of the elastic of drying (again, even though it does not dry faster) or shaping brushes, but it is still annoying.

All this does is just to keep the brushes in good shape. Which is still good, but I did not pay $26 to  just keep my brushes in good shape! I want it to do what it promises to do!! PLEASE!

I emailed Sigma today to see if was faulty one or all come like this. I have not got the reply yet, but I would be very disappointed if they sell this kind of low quality brush dryer for $26 and say "this will dry brushes super quickly!"

I love their brushes so far though. But for now, I am very upset with this product.

I hope yours work better than mine, if you have one. I will post the Sigma's response here when I get it.

Have a lovely day.


Friday, August 24, 2012

"A Date with Heartbreak" lip balm review

The first post in a while is the review of this lip balm.

What a catchy name? A date with heartbreak! Love the package too.

I bought this at Priceline ages ago and it was on sale.
The tin can was so retro-looking and very attractive. Also it was SPF 15 so I thought I would definitely love it.
Unfortunately there was no tester for this product so someone must have opened this and it looked like it was touched. I usually do not buy stuff that other people might have touched but this tin can was cool and I thought it would be ok if I scrape off the top layer and spray alcohol.

But this had a very strong fake fruity smell to it and it is quite unpleasant. I mean it is not even fruity scent. It is just a plastic smell which makes me sick. When I sniff it put of the tin, it is not that bad, but when you put it on your lips it is exaggerated and lingers all day long.
What I hated the most is that the smell even interferes my sense of taste. Anything I eat smells/tastes like this lip balm. I would not want that even with most delicious lip balm or lipgloss.

I hate to say it but I do not like this product at all. What I am going to do is to scoop out all the lip balm out of this tin can and wash it and make it my bobby pin storage or little pill case. I still love the package, this slide-open tin can is practical and too cute to chick in the bin. But the lip balm has to go. Sorry.

Negative reviews can be as helpful as positive ones, I hope.


First Impression on Sigma Brushes and Shape n' Dry

*NOTE* This was supposed to be public and I updated to make it public ages ago, but I realized that it never got published only today. So this is a little bit out of date, but it is still the first impression review, so I hope you can forgive and enjoy this.

I ordered from foundation brushes and famous(?) shape n' dry from Sigma a while ago.

And there is a bit of a history to it so. It was a long story so I put it last.

So when I opened up my package, I was happy to see blue & black sigma boxes. They were individually packaged nicely and they came with instructions. It also had a "free gift" from Sigma because the order was over $30.

I bought F84 and F82.
The one on the top is F82.
Size comparison:
Top: elf complexion brush
Bottom: Shiseido foundation brush

F84 is Angled Top Kabuki and F82 is Round Top Kabuki.
Why I picked these up??
One: Because it was a bundle and cheaper to get these two than getting individually.
Two: I already had synthetic flat kabuki brush (elf black powder brush) and Shiseido foundation brush so I wanted something different.

When I touched the bristles of the brush, I was amazed. It was super dense, yet super soft and had nice thick texture. It was not sparse or too flimsy. I instantly understood why all YouTube beauty gurus swears by these Sigma brushes.
Brush close up.
Now it is about Dry 'n Shape.

When I opened up this box and had this brushroll kinda product in my hand, I thought it was a real leather. It really felt like that. Sigma website does not say what it is made from, but it felt and smelled like real leather.

Anyway the claim is that this dries even most dense brushes in 4-6 hours.
That would be cool if this is really true. So I tried it out. 

Dry 'n Shape would hold 2 extra large brushes, 3 large brushes (like face brush), 3 medium brushes (like contour or blush brush), 2 small and 2 extra small brushes (like eyeshadow brush). 

Magnetic snap button closure.

Rolled out.

Seems like it is making the drying time so much shorter. But I am not quite sure about 4-6 hour drying time that they are "guaranteeing" because some of my biggest brush did not dry completely. But it did dry Sigma foundation brushes that I mentioned earlier in this post was completely dry even though they were both quite dense. So I was half impressed, half disappointed. I will give it a go couple more times and figure out why it did not dry or how to make it better. This product is still good for keeping the brushes in good shape. I notice more of fluffing up and getting kinda scratchy on natural hair brushes if they are not shaped and dried properly. So I still like this Dry 'n Shape but I have to wait and see to find out more about the drying power of this product. It will be reviewed properly hopefully soon.

I wish Sigma makes smaller ones for eye brushes. I know they dry fast anyway but it is nice that you keep the brushes in good shape.I tend to use more natural bristle brushes for eyes than faces and to make your brushes last longer, you need to shape and dry them properly. So it would be nice if they made smaller version of this, hopefully a bit cheaper as well, because they don't really need super-fast drying power for smaller brushes. I just want my brushes to dry properly and keep their original shape. (plus 4-6 hour drying time is not true anyway.)

So here is the history of getting these stuff from Sigma to here in Australia.
This may not be beneficial to some of you, but it might help you have better idea of getting stuff shipped from Sigma (or the U.S.) to your home if you live in Australia.
OK, it took more than a month to get to my house. 
I was very nervous and worried 2 weeks after my order because most of my stuff that I order from U.S. comes within 2 weeks. I emailed Sigma and they said that it can take up to 31 days for normal shipping (aka non-express or no fancy shipping options).
I emailed them again after 31 days in total from the date I placed my order and all they said was just "Please be patient as it is getting to you."
I was very frustrated with this response.

Then I contacted Australian Post just in case. I asked if there was any delay on delivery or clearing customs then. They said no but offered to help me find where my stuff is.
I emailed them again with more details and it happened to be at my local post office, waiting for me to pick up. Apparently they tried to deliver it to my house but no one was home.
Normally, we would get delivery notice but there were a few times that I did not get notice at all, but the package was waiting. This was another case.

I am so sorry, Sigma. You had done nothing wrong.
I emailed them, saying that I got the package. They were nice enough to email me back and said
"Glad to hear that you got your package!"
Seriously, you are good people...

Have a good day, everyone!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

100 YouTube Subscribers Giveaway!

It is a giveaway tiiiime!

I hadn't done this before and I am still new to the whole YouTube Beauty Guru things, but let's celebrate my little mile stone with me!

So, the rules are quite simple.
You need to be my subscriber of ChewyMakeup on YouTube.
Then, please comment on the video page about what beauty tutorials you want to see in the future.

Nothing more.

Please read the description of the video here before the entry, thanks.

The list of the things you are going to win is...(not in any particular order..)

1. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Primer
2. Covergirl lashblast 24 hr in very black
3. Australis brush on eyeshadow in avant-garde
4. Australis brush on lip & cheek tint in renaissance red
5. BYS Metalic Eyeshadow Palette
6. Sportsgirl Lip Jam in peach
7. Biore gentle make-up removing wipes
8. LUSH Toothy Tabs in ULTRABLAST
(If the winner is an international subscriber)

It is closing at 0:00 (midnight) on September 8th, 2012. (EST)

Good luck to everyone!!

Winner will be announced here and on YouTube!

Comments posted on the blog post does NOT count towards the giveaway entry, but all the comments are welcome any time. <3

Have a good day!


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Flu and recovery!

I had a horrible cold/flu last week and I was sick in bed for 5 days and I had to stay home to avoid people for 2 more days. So all week I was sick, which was not fun at all.

Now with all the medications and good rest and TLC from my partner, I am well enough to go back to work and get a real life again.

Now I am making a new YouTube video but all the production is not catching up at all!! I have so many video ideas!

But the first video after getting well should be the one about giveaway, because I really want to give back to my loyal subscribers to say THANK YOU!!! Unfortunately this giveaway is not so big, but I hope I will see more to come and will be able to have bigger giveaways some time. :)

Today was the day I got back to work. There was a mistake about my shift, and I was supposed to work tomorrow instead of today, but I found about that only after I came in. My boss was nice enough to let me work anyway. So I worked my normal shift today and I will work again tomorrow as well.
I work only 2 days a week now, so more shifts is better. :) It basically means that I get more spending money, which means I can spend more money on makeup. Who doesn't love that??

There will be a blog post about Sigma brush review because I bought my first sigma brushes and I have something to say about it. Good or bad? You will see. :)

Have a good day/night, everyone!