Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Oh, Loreal, why do you suck? ~Confusing Infallible eyeshadow color names~

I have been eyeing on Loreal Infallible eyeshadows, ever since I have seen many people talking about it on YouTube and I tried to get some of the colors but then, I DID NOT SEE ANY COLOR THAT THEY MENTIONED in the store here.


So I just googled and apparently the color is still available. Then why it is not at the store?

I mean I do see the products but I could not find the color name I was after.

Then I realised that they are pretty much the same products sold by different names. Not only the names are different, even color numbers are different. Very confusing.

Apparently there are American versions and UK(Australian) versions of the names of colors and products. Like Lineur Intense is known here as Super Liner (but I am not sure if they are exactly the same).
There are so many products that is not available in Australia, like Voluminous mascara. The legendary mascara!! SAD FACE!

I was not completely sure if those eyeshadows with different names are really the same products as they might show up slightly different on the skin or some ingredients might be different.. But hey, the packaging and colors looked really similar.
How can I tell if they are the same? Ask the company!

I contacted Loreal Australia about the color names and products names.
I found a table of colors like a cross reference table on Nunu's blog (link is below) and it looked like she tried so hard to find which color is which in what countries...
Does it have to be that hard to figure our the colors from one brand??? I believe not.

So I put the link to the table in the email to Loreal, and I said "Can I obtain the products/color list that has all the products like this table?"
Yes, I asked if they have the similar table on their hand available for consumers.

Their response was very disappointing.

Their response was something like "We carry different products for different countries"  "Unfortunately we cannot provide the full products list via email but you can look that up on our website or in-store."

This is ridiculous. I am not even talking about things that are not available in Australia! And I do not want a full product list. I want a product list that cross-refers all the products sold in different countries. Simply put, I just want to know what color is equivalent to American version of Iced Latte!! (apparently it is Hourglass Beige)

I was very unhappy with this response.
I mean this is not even a small local cosmetic brand, this is a big international brand, we are talking about!!

Most of the international brands, like high-end brands clearly states somewhere on the package if they are similar but not quite the same.
I know that some skin care products have the same packaging in Japan and elsewhere but the ingredients are not the same due to the health-related laws, then they would say "Especially formulated for Japan" or something like that. Or at least the counter person or company would know, right?

So I expect the same for Loreal. Just because they are drugstore brands, it does not mean that they can mislead customers like this.

I would like to thank Nunu for trying to figure out this mess. She and her friends are so cool for doing this.
Link to the table: http://macnunu.blogspot.com.au/2012/05/loreal-color-infallible-eyeshadow.html

However, I am very precise when it comes to colors. Some people say that two eyeshadows from different brands are identical but I always find slightest difference in hue, texture and other things.
So until I see them with my own eyes, side by side, swatched in natural light and fluorescent light, I would not like to say that they are the same. I really would like to do that if I have some cash to blow. I seriously would. But until then, we have to stick to the list that Nunu made.

As I said, it should not be that hard to figure out color names in different countries and stuff.
Damn you, Loreal. This is very sad!

As for my response, I emailed them again and said that I was disappointed with their response, and said to process this as a complaint. I also told them to contact me if they have the solution for this problem.
I hope someone, not a part-time customer service chick, reads it and feels bad enough to make a difference. I really hope so.
Sorry, Loreal. But you sucked big time here.

Yui :(

Monday, September 24, 2012

Boyfriend Makeup Challenge!

Another video is up!!

I thought that this would be fun and I liked other guys struggling with their girlfriends' makeup stuff so I made one with my partner, Chris.

To my surprise, he agreed to film this without hesitation. I thought he would say no and I would have to convince him.
The filming was fun and it actually went quickly and nicely, much faster than when I make videos alone.

The finished look close up photo is at the end and you can see how bad/good it is.
Hope you enjoy and have a great start of the week!


Monday, September 17, 2012

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Show Off Mascara first impression and review

This product appears in Sep & Oct Favorite video, 2012. I have a small review on this so check the video if you are interested!

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Show Off mascara

I found this new-looking mascara selling all over the place.
The brush on the package cardboard looks interesting. It reminded me of Benefit's They're Real mascara because it had a spiky ball at the end of the brush.

I do not own the Benefit mascara but the idea is that you get the spiky end on the brush so you can really use your mascara vertically.
I know it does not look like Benefit's mascara but the idea is kinda similar. So I decided to give it a go. Plus I needed a new mascara.

So the point of being able to use your mascara vertically is quite practical.
Holding your mascara wand vertically lets you get more product on hard-to-reach or teeny-tiny eyelashes. I use this technique on my lower lashes and once you get the hang of it, it is much easier to hold the brush horizontally.
This is  the technique that makeup artists use, so you can give it a try if you want to put some mascara on lower lashes or give extra volume on each eyelash.

For this reason, I thought having a spiky ball at the end, as well as the normal brush would be great.
(Loreal and Givenchy have "ball brush" mascara but I don't honestly see it nice and practical because it would take a lot of time to coat all the lashes.)

So here is the look of the brush.

Looks interesting...
This promises to lengthen, volumize and curl your eyelashes, according to the package.
Ooo, it sounds like what I need, although my eyelashes are naturally curled.
But they definitely need lengthening and volumizing!!

Now I tried applying the mascara to my eyelashes and I noticed something...

What is this?!

I found some hairs in my mascara bottle!!!! Just kidding but I seriously thought so when I found this around the tip of my wand.
Apparently this mascara has some fibers in there, which really looks like someone else's eyelashes. I freaked out for a second from this.
It says in the corner of the package that this mascara is fiber enriched.
Okay, it looks creepy but it is fiber enriched....

So this is my bare eyelashes... Looks like I have no eyelashes... :(

My naked eyelashes.

Eye closed.

Picture taken from above.
This is my eyelashes with this mascara (one coat).

Definitely Volumizing.

It looks a bit bushy.

From above.
I notice an instant volume and lengthening. It feels like Maybelline's Colossal mascara. I loved that mascara by the way. Even though it feels a bit too dry formula, it is not too bad.

So I tried a second coat.

It is a bit hard but I noticed the difference in volume in person.
It is a bit dry so it got clumpy, only a little though.

From above.

I would say that the formula is on dry side because after the second application, it was flaking a bit. I was not impressed that it happened on the initial application. I would expect this to happen around a while after I start using mascara.

I don't think that the ball-brush was extra easy to apply mascara on bottom lashes.
It was kinda gimmicky.
The brush was not catching the mascara liquid as much as I would want it to.
So it failed to put some mascara on some of my very small lashes.

Honestly, I think I should stick to the normal (squirrel tail) brush mascara, maybe except for Covergirl Lash Blast.
It is a bit sad that this was my first Rimmel mascara and I did not have much good impression. 
I mean, after all, it is not a baaad mascara, but it just did not impress me.

Volume: 8/10
Length: 6/10
Curl: 5/10 (I can't tell because my lashes are naturally bit curled)
Texture: 4/10
Brush: 4/10
Over all: 6/10

Hope this helped! YouTube video review will be up sometime soon!

Have a good Monday night!


Thursday, September 13, 2012

July and August Favorite Video is up!

Hi, it is Yui. I hope you are all well.

Finally the favorite video is back! Woot!
This time I had a lot of favorites and empties to talk about so I had to cut them down and down and down... Now it is ONLY 23 minutes long! :P
You can skip the first 5 minutes of the video if you want to skip the empties.
Now I look back and I think I could have done a separate video. Possibly next time.

The products mentioned are basically ALL drugstore brands. If you know me from my YouTube channel, you probably can tell that I never buy Dior or Chanel.
I rarely go to department store in general, just because things are pricey and I KNOW I will want all the stuff they have there so I sort of avoid going there.
I am kinda person who sees stuff and can't help buying it, so to prevent being broke all the time and save some money for coming IMATS (woohoo!), I try not to look at stuff. How clever!! Har har!

But I truly think that there are some amazing products from drugstore brands. Of course, the stuff from high end brands are going to feel so good and smell better too. But for me, for now, I don't need all those stuff. I am happy with the prettiness I can afford. Still, my boyfriend thinks I spend too much money on makeup. But hey, this is my passion. This is our passion!!!

I hope you enjoy the favorite and empty video.

See you soon!


HUGE Regret video

Video time!

This is all about bad products I have got!
As stated in the video, I believe that negative reviews are as beneficial as positive reviews, so here we go.
I usually find some ways to make products work, even though they might not be the best things, so I consider that the products mentioned in this video are SERIOUSLY bad.
This is, after all, my experience and I am aware that not everyone is going to have the same opinion as me. Every time I do the review, I keep that in mind.
But there are some horrible products out there and some people (like me!) would waste money on it, and I hope that this will help you to avoid wasting your precious money!

Hope you enjoy!

Have a good day, everyone!