Friday, August 15, 2014

Hair Care Empties!

Hey there!
Here is my Hair Care Empties Part 1.
I am not super crazy or anything about my hair care/routine, but I am a little picky about it.
This is my haircare philosophy; shampoo, conditioner and treatment should not smell too overpowering, should be working fine even when they come from different brands and should be affordable or reasonably priced.

I hope you enjoy it! Part 2 is coming up and I think it is the last one for a while as I will be away for 2 months.

See you soon and have a great weekend! :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A little notice...

Hey Everyone!
Sydney is back to winter again; cold and rainy. I hope you are all well. :)

I am now in the middle of editing the new Hair care Empties video and it should be up on YouTube by the end of the week! HOORAY!

Actually I filmed EXCATLY the same contents over and over again (probably more than 5 times) but I was never happy and didn't want to upload something I was not happy with, so it took a very long time. I apologize.
But as you know, I don't like half-assing videos just to keep the schedule or pushing myself too much that it feels like a burden to make videos on youtube, even though it is not my job (I wish I was a full time youtuber though), so I would very much appreciate it if you could be patient with me. :)

ANd why so busy you ask??? WEEEEEEELL... My own wedding is coming up!! HOORAY again!
I am organizing a wedding in Japan so it is bloody hard, but I am hoping I feel that it is all worth it on the actual day.

So, as you could guess, I will be in Japan for my wedding and honeymoon straight after that, that means no more videos for 2 more months. NOOOOOO!
But like I said, I would rather concentrate on what's on my plate right now and not make YouTube a burden for me and torture you with more ranting videos... And I promise to keep posting photos on Instagram and Facebook.
I know it is not as interesting as YouTube, but it is the best I can give for a while.

Now, I wish to do a haul and bunch of new videos when I come back!
Maybe mayyyybe I can film something while I am in Japan... I doubt it though, no promises made.

A wedding/marriage is a big deal as it should be. And I am going through somethings that some people don't have to, like marrying an Aussie guy in Japan legally and organizing a wedding from overseas.. It is tough and some kind of special experience and I would like to share it all for the sake of people who are thinking of doing it, once I am back and settled.

Thanks for your support and I will see you again soon!

Keep warm/cool and stay healthy, everyone!