My Favorite Brushes

Want affordable yet good quality brushes?
I have a good recommendation for you!

This online shop...

  • Ships worldwide. (please check their official website for details)
  • Gives you a free gift, which changes monthly, if you order US $30 or more.
  • You can get 10% OFF coupon here. (please see the details below)
It is Sigma Beauty! Please click on the banner to go to their website :)


As for coupons, I always put the appropriate coupon code which you can use for your purchase in my video info.
Please check my latest videos for the current code.
My latest videos are shown on the right side of this blog and you can click on it.
Alternatively, you can click here.
ChewyMakeup Youtube Channel

Signma has its head office in America and it is supported by hundreds of YouTube beauty gurus. I have personally bought products for them.
It is a very trusted and global company.

And I am an affiliate of such a great company!
There is no reasons for me to hide that I work as an affiliate for them, so there you go! Nothing sneaky at all!

If you buy brushes or makeup through the link I provide above(the picture) or in my YouTube description, I will receive 10% of the sales as a commission.
That way, I can keep making YouTube videos for you!

Of course, I am not asking you to shop at Sigma when you don't need anything.
But if you are interested in their products, if you buy it through my link, it would help me a lot!
Simple as that! :)

My personal favorites are the Sigmax brushes.
They are synthetic so they are super soft and super easy to take care of.
They dry pretty quickly and I love how soft they are!
I use those and highly recommend it to anyone who wants a good foundation brush.
They have various shapes so you can pick the ones you really like.

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