Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Everyone loves a good bargain.

Hi makeup lovers!!
So I went shopping to DFO in Homebush today.
Here is OOTD.

My dress is from a thrift shop in Japan.
Jacket: Probably g.u. but could be from UNIQLO.
Socks: All day socks.
Shoes: Converse high cut with cute skulls.
Bag: Tote bag from Kanjani eight concert 2011.
Headphone: Domo-Kun headphone from Easter showbag.
Necklace: Necklace from exhibition of Salvador Dali.

I bought makeup, shoes and some random stuff, and I will show you once I have a time to photograph.

I got rained on again today. Apparently the weather does not like me very much. But the bus drivers of the busses I caught were all very nice. Those little things can make your day, really. When you talk to nice people, you feel nice too. That's very important. So I want to be the person that someone talks to and feel nice from. You can't do that 24-7 but you can always try and some days you are are the person. You make yourself happy when you make other people happy too.

Good night, have a sweet dreams!

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