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IMATS Haul (Sydney 2015)

Hey guys! Sorry for being a little away from YouTube.

December is simply one of the busiest time of year! I bet you feel the same!!

So today's video is about IMATS.
I made two videos abotu IMATS this year. Part 1 is a haul and Part 2 is more like my experience.

In Part 2, I will be sharing my experience of shops, of people I met and tips I learned at IMATS this year. If you would like to know more about Crown Brushes, Hakuhodo and professional make up artist I had talked to, please check out Part 2 as well! (It will be coming soon!)

So let's watch the haul!

Products mentioned: (Please refer to the video for the price)

Goodies from IMATS 2015

Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre

Embriolysse cream aka backstage secret

Ingredients of Embryolisse cream

Some more info of Embryolisse cream

It comes with a info leaflet. Backside is some soft of skin self-analysis in French.

Royal & Langnickel Makeup Brushes
C401 All Over Eyeshadow
C400 Shader Eyeshadow Large

Two of the new brushes I got from Royal & Langnickel.

Close up of the brush tips.

Left is the new one, Left is the old one of the SAME model.

Two of the same model.
The top one is the new one and you can see that the handle length is also different.

The top is the one that I have had for a while and I really like, so I wanted to repurchase (C405) but it was out of stock or something. They simply didn't have it.
THe bottom one is the new one which I bought instead of C405.

Close up of c405 and c400. Size is different but looks similar.

Crown Brushes

C455 and C456 from Crown Brushes.

Close up of the tips.

I can see the nice marble in the bristle.

Lip Retractable
Itabake 45

All the new babies from Hakuhodo.

They started printing the model # on the handle, YAY!

Retractable lip brush.

Close up of the lip brush tip.

Itabake 45

Close up of Itabake tips. This is incredibly soft.
Like I said in the video, they are soft but they are not flimsy. They have the nice firmness without being scratchy.

PM Studio
MUFE Ultra HD Foundation (Y225/117)
Cover FX Custom Cover Drops (G20)


Nice pump! The packaging is all plastic.

Some claim...

Ingredients of MUFE Ultra HD

The shade is printed on the box and the bottle.

Cover FX Custom Cover Drops

What do they have to say about this product??

Ingredients of Custom Cover Drops

It comes with a dropper like this.

Shade is on the sticker on box and the bottle.

I hope you enjoyed!

Please check out the Part 2 to know more about IMATS Sydney!

Have a great day!


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