Monday, November 19, 2012

DIY Fringe Cut

For people who thought that this was another tutorial, sorry to disappoint you but this is NOT a tutorial.

I just cut my fringe shorter, and that is about all.. 

It is not really that hard to do it yourself. You just need to have sturdy hands and a pair of scissors.. and possibly a bucket or bin to cut your hairs over.

Everyone says that I look younger and younger every time I cut my fringe. I think I have to agree, especially without makeup I look like a teenager.

I don't try to look older or younger. I just want to look the way I want to look. Sometimes I do makeup that makes me look older or younger but it is not really the goal for me to look like a certain age. I do whatever I want to look like what I want. Isn't it the whole point of makeup though??

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